“Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can’t face reality.”

Mark Corrigan (Peep Show)

Ruaridh (despite looking like an acronym it's actually pronounced Rory) or Ru to his friends has his eyes on the "most chill at Periscopix" prize. His laid back demeanour is a minor miracle considering the stress he went through at university; working for 3 years in the student union, he's seen some things.

He attributes his chill manner back to his parents who taught him to love music from an early age; he's played violin since he was five. He originally wanted to be a dentist which is basically a more chilled out doctor. Finally his parents uprooted him from a relaxed village in High Wycombe to an EVEN MORE relaxed village in Devon (called Westward Ho! – yes, that exclamation mark is literally in the town's name).

But don't let this chill façade fool you as Ru uses it to his full tactical advantage, and while all around him are losing their heads, he can take a step back and see exactly what he needs to do to get the (PPC) job done.