“Came up from the dirt like a parsnip.”


Born in the Scottish city of Glasgow, the home of the deep fried Mars Bar, Roshan spent the first two years of his life living peacefully and perfecting the deep fried rusk. That was until his family moved down to South London after a brief battle with a fake mouth tumour that turned out to be a discarded peanut shell.

Roshan sadly didn’t spend his time rolling with the Peckham “man dem” and soon found himself on his way to study Economics at the University of Cardiff. It was there he learnt the ins and out of serving unlimited demands using limited resources and the way the British economy works.

A keen athlete, Roshan has played everything from football to cricket since his childhood and is a member of the Streatham and Marlborough cricket team. He even made it so the semi-pro football club Dulwich United where he spent his days training endlessly and driving fast cars supplemented by his footballer’s wage.

Roshan’s passion for PPC is fuelled by the qualitative and quantitative statistical analysis provided by his degree in Economics. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who takes data trends as seriously as he does!