“I went to the Egyptian shop the other day and asked if I could buy a glyphic. The shopkeeper said ‘No, you can only hieroglyphic’.”

Tim Vine

A musical soul, Rich’s story could have been so different. Taking up classical guitar at the age of 6, Rich went on to achieve Grade 8 in classical guitar and Grade 5 in music theory. All was set for a life in music. UCAS sorted, offers on the table, and then the crushing realisation sunk in.

Musicians live on the street.

How better to make money than teaching rich people to fall down a mountain? He headed straight for the slopes of the French/Italian border. Here he spent an entire season sleeping on the cold hard floor of a French apartment while training to become a certified ski instructor. Better than the cold hard pavement.

Not content that he’d had quite enough experience with broken bones, Rich moved to Nottingham. It was here he studied Physics, learning how X-Ray and MRI machines work and getting his first introduction to code via MATLAB. Incidentally, the MRI machine was invented in Nottingham. So were tarmac, traffic lights and running water.

His final year project saw him working on a first for the department, examining the brains of people in VR. Rich enjoyed the dubious pleasure of being test dummy #1, getting to experience VR while having a brain scanner attached to his unshaven head with masking tape, and then removing it. Slowly.

Through his years, Rich has put some miles under his belt. If you ever find yourself a situation in which you’re offered the opportunity to sample guinea pig, Rich would be the first to warn you off. Available in Peruvian restaurants for the low low price of many thousands of Sol, animal lover Rich described the experience as “not cracking”.

All that MRI, traffic management and plumbing know-how is now being put to good use in the grand halls of MPX, putting his virtuoso coding skills to work for clients via GTM and Tealium. He also makes life easier for the rest of us, producing internal efficiency tools using Google Apps Script, and innovating in data visualisation with the D3 library.