“A Curly Wurly should be the size of a small ladder!”

Malcolm Tucker

Richard (also known as “Croney") grew up in the charming Suffolk town of Framlingham, where he lived next door to Ed Sheeran. We have many people at Periscopix with extreme talents but Richard is our prodigy in that most gentlemanly sport of cricket. At school Richard excelled across the board with strong academic and sporting achievements, ultimately becoming head boy. After finishing school, he jetted off to university in Exeter to read History (he will fascinate you if you wish with witchcraft and ritual murder in Basuto – really just ask) and of course run the university cricket club. After graduation Croney moved to Sydney where he was the international ringer for the Roseville District Cricket Club. After returning to the UK Richard joined a large telecoms company working in the marketing department; it was within this environment that he was first exposed to PPC and was hooked.

Since joining the team Richard has made repeated attempts to put together a Periscopix cricket team; he has offered training and has tried to organise games against Google and Yahoo, unfortunately with no success*. If you are interested in a job at Periscopix and have a wicked off-spin Rich would be very keen on interviewing you (the man clearly knows the value of a good ringer).

*Accurate at the time of writing.