“He who dares, wins.”

Derek 'Del Boy’ Trotter

Despite the fact that pie and mash fan, Reece was born and raised in Harlow, Essex, he likes to think of himself as a Cockney. People say you can tell he’s an only child but Reece is not so sure. Family is important to him and his seemingly odd choice of team – Chelsea – ties in to his roots in the Indian community of Kings Road. Reece is a Londoner through and through and proud of it!

When it came time to head to university, Reece went to Kings College London to study History (he says he has liked the ancient Greeks since a family trip to Crete). Whilst there, he and a friend started the KCL Forum - essentially a rip off of the Debate Society – but as Vice President, Reece wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. This was the start of his love of social networks which he used to organise some of the best events in the three years Kings had the pleasure of him.

During his final year of university, Reece was heading home the morning after the night before… and realised it was a hazard scene. Turns out an unexploded WWII bomb was unearthed outside his flat. Reece loves to snap a photo and a number of news channels picked up his tweet when reporting on the incident. Social media strikes again in Reece’s life, granting him his 15 minutes of fame!

Following his graduation, Reece set out to feed his hunger for new and interesting landscapes to photograph. The most recent of these trips was a Croatian holiday. The country is famous for views – being the filming location for the popular Game of Thrones TV series (apparently, there are lots of cash ins!). Along with Croatia, France, Portugal and Malta have all been checked off Reece’s list of must-snap locations.

So, if you’re looking for a worldly-wise London lad to apply his Social media know-how to your campaigns, snap up Reece!