“I won't be impressed with technology until I can download food.”

Bill Murray

Intrepid miss Tillman hails from just about here, there, any and everywhere, having lived in the likes of Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey and even Twickenham! Having settled in rugby country, Rebecca spends a lot of her time indulging in the sport with her father, whilst back at home it’s a house full of girls with her mum, two sisters, Saffy the dog and their Birman boy cat (well… he used to be a boy until THAT trip to the vets). Unfortunately for her loving pets though, Rebecca’s lifelong dream is to own a different kind of animal… an alpaca. No, we’re not joking, and she would really do anything for one!

Rebecca’s education started with an owl dropping off a letter with an invitation to an elite school for the gifted… Just kidding! But, she did attend a very Hogwarts-esque boarding school and she’s certainly gifted to us. Rebecca’s passions were evenly split at an early age. On one side was the sporty outdoorsy girl who loved to compete and on the other was the bookworm with a sheer adoration for good literature. Her favourite book to this day is “I Am Pilgrim”, although she won’t spoil any details and insists you read it yourself!

It was at school that Rebecca also discovered her love for travel and helping others, so it was then that she travelled to Kenya to climb Mount Kenya, work in a special needs school and build houses for young boys coming of age. This passion for travel hasn’t diminished and she has since ticked a 2-month trip to Nepal off her list and hopes to travel to see the great wall of China next!

At Warwick University, Rebecca decided to study Psychology, which combined a love for analytical science with a bucket-load of reading! Through university she continued to indulge her love for sport and was even the club captain for their Netball team, having been the only fresher to make the team in first year (despite the not-so-welcoming first get-together evening!)

After graduating, Merkle | Periscopix didn’t even need to send her an owl-delivered handwritten invitation to join, as Rebecca bounded into our lives all by herself, having recognised her passion for combining analytics with smart and creative copy. Rebecca’s hunt for a pet alpaca may not have succeeded so far, but we can promise you will benefit from her well-structured and clever attitude to Paid Search campaigns!