“I think outside the box. If I was an apple pie, the apples inside me would be oranges.”

Alex Epstein, ‘The Apprentice’ Season 6

Rebecca is a fully bred Londoner who has lived in the capital all her life. Her southern Chines roots mean she is fluent in Cantonese but also has a grip on Mandarin.

She is an experienced ice skater having started at a young age. She enjoyed her time on the ice so much as a child that she picked up figure skating in her late teens. As well as her sporting interests Rebecca is quite the musician and can play the piano, guitar and ukulele - so far...

Rebecca enjoys good food and often brings in an array of different meals for her lunch; from some fantastic rice dishes to her mother’s legendary hot dogs. She also has an older brother who owns a Vietnamese restaurant in London. Food is in the family it would seem.

One of Rebecca’s proudest achievements to date was founding the Pokemon society at her university. Rumour has it she was the first one to ‘Catch em all’ and when she wasn’t out gracing the ice or learning a new instrument, she would be collecting the cards alongside winning gym battles on her Gameboy(s) with ease.

Despite her penchant for Pokemon leading you to think she’d be comfortable with strange creatures, she has a huge dislike for flying ants. She claims she can tell when the humidity is right for their appearance and makes sure to stay indoors as much as possible in case any should emerge. Before coming into the Paid Search team at Merkle | Periscopix, Rebecca studied English Literature at University. After graduation she found that she still wanted to work with words but in a business environment, so here she is today, managing your accounts to even greater levels of success than she trained her Pokemon to.