“I could have thought up something like happiness, and inner meaning would have improved productivity.”

Andrei Platonov

How do you say, “I’m an expert in tag management solutions” in Russian? Rebecca can tell you, and then she’ll show you. Rebecca spent her childhood in Belfast before moving to Somerset for secondary school. Eventually, the need for city living brought her to London to study German and Russian at UCL, through which she spent a semester in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad).

Armed with a few vodka-fuelled stories and having transcended the British definition of a cold day, she came back to complete a Masters degree in Digital Humanities, or the “application of computational methods to research problems in the humanities”, which involved lots of Shakespeare.

Following a lively stint at the House of Lords, Rebecca came to us. Here, Rebecca is free to follow her passion for data analysis and big data sets. A ninja with Google Tag Manager, when she’s not working with our esteemed international clients, Rebecca is always on the lookout for new tricks and techniques to further our collective knowledge and streamline internal processes.

Outside the office Rebecca has been a lifelong Girl Guide, currently running a brownie group in North London, through which she regularly volunteers with Scout groups abroad. One such expedition involved spending a summer in a German castle and then building a tent inspired by it!