“Who is Spain? When is right? Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?”

Joseph Heller

Rachel loves animals. So much so that she left her cosy beloved hometown of Bristol and trekked up north to drizzly Manchester in order to study Zoology. Like all her other classmates, Rachel pursued this path for the sole reason that she “just wanted to be David Attenborough”, and boy did she come close to achieving that dream... After graduating, Rachel made a living as a Zoologist across the globe. She worked in the Seychelles, travelled to Ecuador and lived in both Ghana and the Kalahari Desert; all the while working on turtle and bat conservation, with some meerkats and mole rats thrown in the mix.

But it’s not just David Attenborough that Rachel takes her inspiration from, she’s also got a bit of Steve Irwin about her; and proved this when she was bitten by a young lion called Nala (genuinely). She survived this with nothing but a slight scar on her arm and great story under her belt.

Saying this, Rachel isn’t all saving the animals and big cat attacks though, she’s also an avid climber (helps for escaping said lions), and a keen musician. Her formative years were spent amongst a community of West Country buskers where she played guitar (not very well), piano (slightly better) and sang (beautifully)... if you’re looking for a frontwoman for your band, we’ve got just the person for you.

Even amongst all of this Rachel has managed to fit in a gap year, trips to South East Asia, excursions across Europe and - most impressively - time to be an ace Programmatic Account Manager! She confesses that her background in Zoology set her up for a Programmatic career, with decision making and creativity seemingly being necessary skills to work with both animals and data. So, you can be rest assured that your Programmatic campaigns are in safe hands… after all, she has defeated a lion!