“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.”

Frank Tyger

Born and raised close to Vienna, Pia grew up in a very small family – no siblings, no cousins, just her and her dog Daphne. Taking advantage of the scenic mountains and forests surrounding her, she spent hours training and riding her horse and going on long walks with her furry, four-legged sister. And when she wasn’t exploring beautiful landscapes, she built musical fundamentals with the cello and the flute and excelled at football during school. While all of this sounds like a very healthy lifestyle, don’t dare offer her vegetables of any kind, but come with some Schnitzel or Schweinsbraten and she’ll be truly yours!

At the age of 12, Pia’s family moved near London, where she spent four high school years before moving back to Vienna. On the long journeys travelling between countries, her favourite way to pass time was to create a tally of the colours of passing cars. It was probably then (and the numerous times she sorted buttons according to sizes and colours for fun!) that she discovered her passion for anything statistical. It isn't surprising that Pia returned to the UK after school to pursue her undergrad in Sustainable Development and Management at St. Andrews.

Besides writing a highly commended assignment on geospatial analysis of housing prices in London for the 2017 International  Undergraduate Awards and ultimately finishing her degree with a First, Pia used her time at Uni to switch from football to golf (of course!) and to travel across the globe. Some of her favourite places were Cuba, Singapore and Bali – and if you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of erasers from historical places in the UK, she’s your definite go-to person.

While she still tries to travel as much as possible, Pia now balances work with good Sunday lunches, fitness, and golfing on the weekends. Having been interviewed from St. Andrews, Portugal and Austria, before flying in from Thailand, Pia settled in London to use her analytical skills in our Paid Search team, where she can combine her passion for numbers with a bunch of great people. Perfect!