“Mystery is not about travelling to new places but about looking with new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

Paula grew up in the small city of Tudela, around an hour south of Pamplona in Spain. Pamplona, of course, is best known for the ‘Running of the Bulls’, but Tudela has its own version; so, if you’re looking for a different place to be chased by a group of terrifying animals (other than Magaluf in peak tourist season), then look no further than Paula’s home town.

When she wasn’t being chased through the streets of her home town by angry livestock, or indulging in the magical realist fiction of Isabel Allende, Paula was probably taking care of one of her numerous pets. Her impressive army of creatures contained, though not all at once, a Maltese dog (named Lucky), a chicken, four rabbits, a cat, several hamsters and the most exotic of the bunch, a parakeet.

The variety in Paula’s life comes not only from her eclectic collection of pets, however, but also from the multitude of places she’s had the privilege of residing in. In the past few years alone she’s lived in four separate countries. First, she completed an undergraduate double degree in Advertising and Media Studies in her native Spain, then relocated to the rainier climes of Manchester for a Masters in Marketing. After that, she escaped the constant drizzle of Northern England for a semester in Melbourne and worked a full-time internship in sun-soaked (sorry, Guinness soaked) Dublin.

After a whirlwind time globetrotting, Paula has, thankfully for us, decided that London is where she will be more permanently situated. After looking into copywriting, she decided that she would rather pursue a more analytical avenue, and so turned to PPC. When it comes to managing your accounts, Paula goes against her Tudelan roots and grabs the bull by the horns rather than running the other way!