“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

JK Rowling

Paul was born and bred in Windsor - leaving the Royal Borough only for a short time to live in Belgium as a kid. Music played a large part in Paul’s early school years with him achieving Grade 8 in Piano and Grade 7 in Cello by the age of 18, although by the time he hit A Levels Paul decided to take a more numerical route. A Levels in Economics, Maths and Music naturally lead him to a degree in Economics at Southampton University where Paul wanted to marry his enjoyment of number crunching with real life application and analysis. Leaving with a 2:1 and ‘vivid’ memories of organising socials for the Swimming team as social sec, Paul went on to get an internship at a small marketing agency in Southampton after spotting them at a careers fair. 5 weeks later he secured a full time job working on account management, web builds, PR, social and other marketing stuff. This is where he dabbled in Google Analytics and discovered Digital Marketing!

Prior to working at Merkle l Periscopix, Paul probably has the best array of part time jobs we’ve ever heard of including working in a chocolate shop, being a lifeguard and (drum roll) working as a tour guide on the Windsor Duck Tours (yes, those amphibious vehicles you see on the Thames). We’re sure his talents in telling facts to groups of tourists whilst being sprayed in the face with water is a big reason why we hired him.

Whilst he isn’t running cream of the crop Programmatic campaigns, Paul likes to travel (Asia and the US are on the cards next), hang out with friends, and spend time with his cute baby niece.