“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

Albert Einstein

Many, many years ago, in the small Borough of Wirral, a girl named Liv was born. A Northern girl who knows everyone (literally everyone - on her first day another new starter told her she had done his Halloween make-up 2 years before at a party), Liv has been an amazing addition to the social team.

Whilst studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Leeds (where she was partial to the odd night out), Liv decided to try her chance at becoming a superstar. Being a regular Hollyoaks extra was a start, but Liv came very close to reaching fame when she was headhunted to be a member of Louis Tomlinson's band (of One Direction)! Fortunately for us, this fell through, and Liv decided that a life in the public eye wasn't for her.

After university, Liv went to France to live in the mountains for a ski season, where she became a professional skier. After this, she then went travelling all around the world with her friends - their antics led her to write a book about their experiences as a guide to other young groups thinking about travelling. However, it's under a pseudonym, so her holiday adventures remain secret to this day…

Liv also has the gift of the gab, and it's hard to say no when she wants you to do something! Perhaps the best example of this is when her sister (Meg) rang her on holiday and she spoke to a man Meg had met on holiday for 20 minutes on the phone - after this call, the man went and promptly got 'I <3 Meg's Sister' tattooed on him. What can we say – our Liv’s got charm! Talking to her never fails to make someone smile, and we hope she’ll be with us for a long time yet.