“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely.”

Roald Dahl

Self-confessed pro-skier and ex-music geek Livvy grew up in the humble town of Reigate, Surrey. In the years that she spent on the outskirts of the North Downs, Livvy mastered four, yes four, musical instruments (saxophone, clarinet, viola and piano if you’re wondering), and the locals would usually find her treading the boards in a jazz band or rocking out in the string quartet at her school.

After school, Livvy’s ambition outgrew Surrey, and she sought to expand her horizons – she longed for bright lights, culture and endless adventure, so naturally she set up camp in Birmingham where she studied Biology at university. After her hectic music-filled childhood, Livvy spent the next three years relaxing, getting her undergraduate degree and generally trying to avoid picking up any sort of Brummie accent.

Livvy soon returned to her beloved Reigate, where she spent five months surrounded by – quote: “ladies who lunch with their babies” - as she completed her first of two stints as a waitress. It was after this that she chose to pursue her lifelong dream: completing a ski season in Courchevel, a quaint resort nestled in the French alps. Livvy’s skiing skills went up a level, and she now has no shame showing her colleagues how it’s done on the annual ski trip. A brief return to waitressing later, and Livvy was on the move once again, spending the remainder of her gap year taking several exotic trips in Europe (ask her about the time she sailed the coast of Croatia…)!

Adamant that she would no longer be able to hold a tune on any musical instrument, Livvy focussed her attention on the marketing career that she’d always wanted. She soon found Merkle | Periscopix and the rest is history! So, if you’re looking for the precision of a musician, the determination of a skier and the sheer patience of an ex-waitress, then Livvy is your Programmatic dream come true.