“There’s no I in team, but there are five in individual brilliance.”

Dan, The Apprentice

Ollie was born and bred in London and currently lives in the leafy area of Chiswick. He is an only child, and says it would have been nice to have had some siblings to play with and annoy (but secretly he likes having all the attention).

To make up for the lack of brothers and sisters, he invested in a selection of tropical fish growing up. Interestingly, he added a shark into the mix too – no, not a Great White and yes, it was small enough to fit in the tank!

All seemed to be going swimmingly until he started to notice that some of the smaller fish were disappearing. One day, he saw a skeleton floating in the water, and it all became clear… the shark wasn’t that fond of the fish food. Luckily for Ollie, his dwindling fish tank wasn’t the be all, end all of his pet collection; his pet dog, Reggie, is still very much alive and well, and remains puppy-like at the age of 7!

Moving away from his creature comforts, Ollie studied History at the University of Bristol. Outside of the library, you could find him rowing on the river, becoming quite the master and eventually coaching the younger generations.

These days it’s slightly different, and you can find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen; from delightful Asian dishes to seemingly endless amounts of pasta and pesto (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it). Ollie also joins the team as a former Blue Peter badge holder, describing receiving it as one of his greatest life achievements to date, even though it was just a green one.

Ollie works in the Search department as a driven and ambitious Account Manager, and he’ll keep a much closer eye on your accounts than he did on his poor fish, honest!