“I feel like I'm too busy writing history to read it.”

Kanye West

Born in London but having spent her youth in Egypt and Israel, Noor is effectively tri-lingual having mastered Arabic and Farsi at Manchester University. Although, these feats are nothing compared to Noor’s proudest achievement of making it across the graduation stage without a stumble. Just about.

Prior to embarking on her PPC journey, Noor focused her energy in her job at Wimbledon: tasked with working through the night to get Centre Court back in spick and span conditions. Whilst working, Noor was able to help herself to whatever left-over Pimm’s she could find. A small but undisputable triumph.

Another triumph for Noor was when she conquered Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala. Upon reaching the summit Noor celebrated in style; with her favourite food, a chicken pot noodle. She’s constantly asked by her colleagues how they too, can live their best life.

During her youth Noor was an avid rapper, until she realised her talents were better spent trying to touch her nose with her tongue. Unfortunately for her pet goldfish her talents don’t extend to animal rearing. It died after 4 days, missing the chance to be named (RIP, Untitled).

Now an aspiring knitter, Noor is aiming to fashion a jumper so she can survive under the office air conditioning. Once this admirable goal is achieved she will hang up her knitting needles for good. Noor’s flair and tenacity for knitting is aided by her double-jointed thumbs – making her super speedy at optimizing any account to stand in her path.