“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Charlie Chaplin

Nicole Adams, Meath’s finest export. Some give that title to two-time Eurovision winning heartthrob Johnny Logan, but he gets disqualified having only moved to Ireland at the age of three. The locals all agree our Nicole is better anyway. An avid lover of musicals, grade 7 piano aficionado and all round charismatic analytics consultant, she could definitely win Eurovision if she wanted to.

Graduating with a first in Computer Science and Business from Trinity College Dublin, Nicole knows her stuff. When she wasn’t building database systems and web applications as part of her course, you could find Nicole showing unsuspecting Erasmus students how the Irish socialise around the famous Temple Bar area of Dublin. So good at being an Erasmus buddy, she was regularly trusted with two at a time, an honour not given to many. (P.S. Augustus, you were her favourite.)

Now safely amongst fellow geeks, Nicole joins our growing army of passionate A/B testers. On top of the latest industry trends and proficient with both Optimizely and Optimize 360, Nicole can handle it all! From hypothesis through implementation, testing and analysis, she spreads the gospel of A/B testing far and wide.

Being a twin all her life, one of Nicole’s biggest regrets is that she’s never had her own birthday. A wrong that was righted this year! Nicole got to have her own birthday, with pancakes! On Pancake Tuesday no less! Periscopix really can make dreams true.