“I lost myself to music at a very early age, and I remained there.”


Movie-mad Nick caught our eye earlier than most – when we saw his name we thought that Girls Aloud had fallen on hard times! Fortunately for us our eyes were mistaken and we were quickly impressed with Nick's background as a Digital Media Agent, creator of his own movie blog and strong engineering degree. In fact, Nick thinks he's Something New in the company – the person with the longest degree title (Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems). We were delighted when Nick fell in love with the Sound of the Underground and made the move from York to London to come on board.

Happily for us, Nick's Jump into the world of web analytics has proved fruitful all round as he works on some of our most Premium of clients, putting his engineering background to perfect use with complex installation work and in-depth analysis.

He Can't Speak French but he does have an awesome beard – although it's ginger and no-one knows why?!