“Your mind is working at its best when you're being paranoid. You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity.”


When Naz told us it only took her two viewings to understand Inception, we laughed. No one could do that. What is she? A computer made of books? It turns out, yes. Naz is the single smartest person and greatest critical thinker alive. Good thing she’s on our side - Book Computers make for cruel enemies.

Naz attended Queen Mary’s University of London, where she and her friends were known as “The Walkers”. This was because they walked around the building a lot. Classic. She and her shredded calves made short work of a Computing Science degree while she was there, and she passed with flying colours. Which is more than can be said for her attempt at learning to drive, which ended in her almost killing some wheelie bins. That just about sums up her entire uni experience. Light exercise. Programming. Destroying public property.

Nazifa is on the crack CRO Team we have in our Analytics department, so she’s the one running all the A/B tests on your checkout funnel, and skyrocketing it’s conversion rate. She’s also working on an automation script that outputs all of your CRO documentation in a flash. Test results, current tests running, insights and more at the click of a button. As Bill Gates says, choose a computer made of books to do a hard job, and they’ll find an easy way to do it.

When not making everyone’s life easier, Naz is an avid photographer. Now, often these bios like to poke fun at their subject, but let’s be clear. Her photos are excellent. No joke here. No sarcasm. No quips. Just us saying she has mad camera skills. Totally makes up for the dorky walking thing OH WAIT I TAKE THAT BA-