Tasha has had nearly as much exposure to cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) as the Kardashians have had with the names of their children. Having been born in St Albans and moving back and forth to the north (Newcastle and Harrogate) she is now back in the South and living her best life in London.

Tasha spent most of her pre SEO days dog sitting, skiing (or at least hanging out with Aperol at Aprés) and completing the classic gap yaaaah around South East Asia. Tasha also experienced life in “The Toon” whilst studying Psychology at Newcastle University. Amongst cheap nights out, the novelty of the “quadvod” and dodging the cast of Geordie Shore it was tough to finally part ways with uni life but London was calling.

Among her many talents, Tasha frequently claims she has skills in the kitchen that would rival no other. With Yorkshire’s very own Betty’s cakes Tasha paves her own way in the baking world with her numerous star bakes and that superb mirror glaze. With such pro-baking claims the SEO team are slightly sceptical as they are yet to sample any “delights” from Mary Berry Junior. SEO, of course, is another one of Tasha’s passions and from editing her food-fluencer insta captions to writing content optimisations for our SEO clients, Tasha loves writing and enjoys the on-page elements of SEO. This combined with Tasha’s sociable and fun-loving personality makes her a great addition to the Merkle family and we are happy to have her