“Save the serious time for tomorrow.”

Summer Finn, 500 Days of Summer

The golden child of the Social department, Tash joined Merkle | Periscopix straight out of university, celebrating her 21st birthday on her second day of work. Originally hailing from leafy Hampshire, she’s a self-confessed cat lady and all-round animal lover – she’s got two rescue cats at home and her dream is to go on Arctic Safari to see the penguins. Ever the all-rounder, she took on a bit of everything as a child, from dance and drama to swimming, gymnastics and trampolining. Unfortunately, she wasn’t great at any of them and in her own words, was ‘really just there to have a good time’.

As our resident film buff, she has an A-level in Film Studies and a list of her top 100 favourite films in order on her phone. Her five minutes of fame nearly came when she bumped into Benedict Cumberbatch after sharing an 11-hour flight with him and asked for a photo, only to be told that it was illegal to take photos in American airports (we checked, it definitely isn’t).

Her heartbreak didn’t hold her back for too long – moving on to university in Cardiff, she studied Business Marketing, made the Dean’s List as the strongest student in her year, and fell into the world of Paid Social. Since then, she’s multitalented as ever, making a name for herself across entertainment, energy and finance.