“I see pizza!”

Monica Geller; Friends Season 1, Episode 4

Natalie Sharoff was born and raised in Madrid and she is the youngest of three - by 10 years. This significant age gap meant that she became an aunt at the tender age of 14! Nat doesn’t mind the responsibility though, and she also doesn’t mind adventure; for her 18th birthday she went skydiving! She also loves dogs. Other people’s dogs are preferable to her though, as the dog fun stops when they require more than a playful cuddle and a belly rub.

Nat enjoys spending her Saturdays painting and maybe sipping on a glass of whiskey sour while watching her favourite Rom-Com. She also enjoys great food and is currently loving Asian-inspired cuisines. Not all Asian though. Despite being of Indian origins, she cannot handle spicy food.

Nat holds a BSc in Business Management from KCL but left sunny Spain to pursue an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Imperial. Despite the colder weather, once she graduated Nat decided that she liked London and so stuck with it. We’re very grateful she did, as she’s now a dedicated and valuable member of our Programmatic team.