“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein

Nam didn’t choose the analytics life, the analytics life chose him. Keep this between us, but Nam initially applied to the Programmatic team; he smashed his interview though and that got us thinking. So, we struck a deal. Nam now resides under the analytics wing in a bespoke cross-department attribution role to help align and share knowledge between both teams. He uses this unique perspective to provide insights, reporting and attribution work to our most top tier clients. In his heart of hearts though, he’s GA through and through.

As a graduate of the University of York, Nam is also amongst the elite of the GA team. This is in no way a biased decision on behalf of the author. During his time at York he studied Economics, taking his love of maths and balancing it with the social aspect that Economics lends, he sits right there in our sweet spot of amicable nerd…  On that note, did we mention he’s also a lover of Star Wars?

Nam also did actual social stuff, in fact he was a straight up baller, being a member of his college’s basketball team for the duration of his time at York and playing for the uni team in his second year. He was also a committed member of the university’s go-karting society, keeping up the grand Periscopix tradition of the 24-hour go kart race (before he was even aware of it). Didn’t say if he won though… Nam also makes the bold claim that he’s “tried all sports”, so, try him. Not at table tennis though, he’s much too quick.