“If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out.”

Tim Minchin

Monika was born in Torun, Poland, a town which she affectionately describes as ‘strange’. Known for its Pierniki gingerbread cookies, its world class astronomers (Copernicus) and of course the leaning tower of Torun, we all assume that by ‘strange’ Monika really means ‘wonderful’. According to herself, one stand-out moment in Torun’s recent history was when Monika’s turtle accidentally fell off a four-storey building only to be recovered (by a hysterical Monika) trundling around as if nothing had happened. Indestructurtle.

As the second of six siblings (two brothers, three sisters - plus the family turtle) Monika is used to being busy. She has numerous hobbies, ranging from her love of climbing and hiking to a passion for crocheting – her proudest accomplishment to date was her stunning crochet octopus.

However, her talents don’t end with octopi, as Monika speaks three languages: Polish, English and Spanish. The last of these she honed during a year living in Spain and a stint working as an online translator – Google Translate eat your heart out.

This multi-lingual, crochet-crazy globe-trotter recently graduated from Leicester University with a degree in Spanish and English and has leapt right out of the academic frying pan and into the PPC fire. The only thing holding her back now is her inexplicable love of sour gherkin soup…