“Whatever the mind can believe and conceive, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

Michal has a 1st class degree in Community Justice with a minor in pop-up restaurants which means she’s qualified to read a sentence in court and tell you where the best curry in Whitechapel is (Tayyabs btw). Your classic child of Russian parents born in Israel really; Michal swapped Shekels for Bucks and moved to South East England aged 9. Growing up bingeing on CSI and crime documentaries she came to London to study Criminology & Sociology meanwhile developing an encyclopaedic knowledge of the capital's coolest bars and restaurants; want to know which Waitrose has an oyster bar? She’s your woman.

After uni she took a job in recruitment for digital media & advertising (a decision that planted a fiery seed of metaphorical foreshadowing) but she decided merely having a hand in the careers of others wasn’t enough so became a probation officer and started controlling the freedom of those at Her Majesty’s pleasure. When she wasn’t holding the scales of British justice, Michal dreamt of travelling the world and has already ticked off most of eastern Europe. She still can’t stop recommending food; this time Serbia if you’re Hungary or something like that. She speaks fluent Hebrew, Russian and English – well, almost; there was that time she confused tactile with tactical and kept telling her colleagues they needed to be more touchy-feely with the high-risk offenders. It isn’t all fun and games in the prison service though and ultimately the seed of digital advertising grew into a burning tree of desire and she joined our programmatic team.

Her sensitive side includes a love of reality TV, mini pigs and a soft spot for adorable elderly men but as a regular gym goer, steak eater and bloody Mary drinker, Michal clearly does not mess about; a great quality that she brings along with her excellent judgement into her work running campaigns.