“Every once in a while a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

Dean Kamen

Michael hails from a small Scottish town named Greenock, which, coincidentally, was the hometown of James Watt, famed inventor, chemist and industrial revolutionary. There must be something in the water vapour up there because Michael is a published scientist in his own right, appearing in no less than 3 scientific journals.

You see, Michael holds an MChem in Materials Chemistry from St Andrews. Chemistry didn’t react all that well with Michael though, so he set his sights on the shiny world of digital, attracted by the ever changing landscape and the knowledge that if you sit still, you’ll be left behind.

Merkle | Periscopix was an obvious fit. Here, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge is sated by questioning the very nature of how GA works or exploring new products like Data Studio, when he’s not working on some of the most large-scale projects we have. 400+ GTM containers, you say? Not a problem for Michael.

Out of the office, Michael has a lust for language and the new cultures a new language exposes you to. He’s tried his hand at Chinese, read through the entire Harry Potter series in French (just to improve) and speaks fluent Scottish. Okay, that might not technically count as a language, but woe betide you if you mispronounce “driech”. Gonnae no dae that? He is fluent in Swedish though, and takes great joy from eavesdropping on unsuspecting Swedes on the tube. Given the time, Michael’s also an avid traveller, having explored much of South America and Europe. Highlights include a hitchhiking expedition from Edinburgh to Munich, whereupon a kindly German couple took pity on his ragtag and cold-looking fellowship, inviting them in for some warming pea & ham soup. Remember folks, give peas a chance.