“Fortune favours the bold.”

Latin Proverb

Mike hails from Nigeria, but his family moved to London when he was five. Growing up with two little sisters, Mike describes himself as a little troublemaker and adventurer who broke a great amount of stuff and loved to climb absolutely everything, no matter how high. Even jumping off a 10ft high play structure didn’t scare him off – bless his strong little ankles!

An active (and fortunately less dangerous) lifestyle has always been important to Mike. At 11, he started to play football for his school team as well as for the South London County Team. As the captain of his local football team, he entered numerous competitions and even participated in a tournament in Holland, where his team reached the semi-final.

After several successful years in school and sports, Mike entered the University of East Anglia to study International Business Management. During his studies, he particularly enjoyed economics and the idea of applying his theoretical knowledge to business on a larger scale. In fact, one of his college econ essays was entered for a nationwide competition and is now displayed for everyone to see in the halls of his former campus! Not only that, but with a passion for entrepreneurship in his uni years, Mike received an award and monetary support for a football academy which he ran over two summers. The camp was aimed at giving kids access to high quality training facilities and coaches to work on their strength and conditioning; provide them with sports analysis; teach them about nutrition; and organise games. But that’s not all: besides the football passion, Mike did a year-long work experience with a fashion designer to learn how to tailor menswear. Oh yes, he’s got it all!

Overall, Mike excelled at absolutely everything; even at analysing the creative industry of Battle Rap in the US as part of his dissertation. Even though that must’ve been quite a paper, Mike decided to eventually let Shady be Shady and turned to the world of digital. He now uses a great amount of his free time to learn about coding, cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, artificial intelligence and how the digital market generally influences our lives and wider society. And while he further pursues his passion for everything digital in our Paid Social Team, he balances the hectic world of technology with yoga, American Football, theatre visits and dreaming of space during some good old naps. Well done Mike – we’re happy to have you on board.