“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.”


Melanie was born and raised in Blackmore which has won the title of ‘Essex Best Kept Village of the Year’ a whopping seven times, as well as ‘Essex Village of the Year’. Attending the local girls’ school, which has unofficially won the award for ‘Worst Essex Blazer of the Year’, she was a creative and outdoorsy type. This love for the outdoors resulted in a passion for Geography, which she studied for A-levels alongside English Literature and Psychology.

Melanie went on to study Physical Geography at the University of Sheffield, which involved a field trip to the Mojave Desert where she climbed the highest Nebkha dune. She aced her dissertation and graduated with a First. It was also during her time at university that she was introduced to the world of PPC by her mentor. Attracted by the fast-paced, hands-on and competitive nature of the industry, she set her sights on joining an industry leading agency, and Periscopix was the natural choice.

Melanie is the person to see about: extreme sports, having a Friends quote to fit any situation and trying exotic food (ask her about the cockroach/cocktail combination).