“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

Nikos Kazantzakis

Keen-skier Megane easily has one of the best accents at Periscopix – a French / Irish mix! Having spent her formative years in France and starting her Bachelors in Marketing there she then made the short hop over the pond to complete her degree in Tralee, Ireland. Whilst the accent was at first a struggle to understand, Megane soon fell in love with the place, completing her degree, starting to play Gaelic Football (so close to 'Gallic') and even picking up an Irish boyfriend too. However, the allure of the bright lights and burgeoning analytics scene in London shone ever brighter…

After kicking off her Masters in Marketing back in France Megane completed the second part in London where she was determined to put the Google Analytics knowledge she'd learnt into practice. In fact, Megane was the first person to ever attend an interview with a completed GA report for a company! When Megane is not busy optimising websites you might find her Twirling (yes I can capitalise it, it is a sport apparently) or hanging around the markets and bars of Camden Town.