“A good lifeguard never gets wet, but nor does a bad one.”

Harry E. Milnes B.s.c

Matt grew up in Nottingham, which, as he proudly claims, is The Greatest City On Earth – home to Robin Hood, the MRI machine, and Europe’s sixth best tree (which makes one wonder where the top five are). 

He has three brothers and has had two hamsters, both conveniently called Hattie. His perfect day would consist of eating shepherd’s pie, reading a good book, and solving a Rubik’s cube before he could even finish the sentence (his record is 39 seconds!!). Matt is an entertaining storyteller and his life is full of bizarre adventures. Those who know professional pop star Carlos Pena Jr. will be amazed to learn that Matt beat him in an a cappella karaoke competition. Matt was also a Man City season ticket holder and was behind the goal when Aguero scored against QPR (apparently this last sentence will make sense to some).

After graduating from Bristol University with a degree in Economics, he went on to single-handedly conquer three continents – Asia, Australasia, and South America. By some quirk of nature, Matt came back from his adventures untanned even though he worked a grain harvest in Australia in 45-degree heat for 3 months. Having quenched his thirst for travel, Matt came back to his mother country and gained work experience before finally settling at Merkle Periscopix, where he’s been a passionate account manager ever since.