“This is not an exit.”

Bret Easton Ellis

Matt is from the picturesque town of Maidstone, Kent; but has been a globetrotter from a young age. He spent his early years between Kent, Singapore and Sri Lanka! Matt reminisces fondly of tropical Christmas curries, and - being ¼ Sri Lankan himself - firmly believes that this should be a feature of Christmas dinners across the globe.

In his teenage years, Matt played ‘too many video games’. So many video games, in fact, that he was sponsored to go on a competitive gaming tour of Europe – simultaneously adding to his country count and achieving the dream of teens everywhere.

Despite his worldly ways, Matt didn’t end up far from home when it came to University, studying Classics at the University of Kent. As part of his degree, he wrote a dissertation comparing Hercules, Odysseus and Jason (from Jason & the Argonauts, obviously…). But the highlight of his university career came right on graduation day, where he was lucky enough to graduate in Canterbury cathedral. This experience left quite an impression on Matt, and - combined with his general love of Kent - almost led him to accept a place on a Master’s course digitising the Canterbury cathedral archives. But as it turns out, a love of Kent does not trump all and he decided to make the leap into the working world instead.

Since then, Matt has developed his keen business acumen in a range of roles: he’s worked in property; managed high-brow awards shows; and even refurbished computers for charity. But of all the cool stuff Matt’s done, it took the world of Paid Social to convince him to settle down. These days, Matt loves DIY and landscape gardening, and his competitive gaming career is a thing of the past. Instead, Matt is ready to prune your Paid Social campaigns into shape with his wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and bright ideas.