“Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.”


Landscape lover Matthew has made quite the impression since joining our tight-knit programmatic team! Originating from the lovely village of Rudgewick, nestled nicely between the buzz of London and even buzzier Brighton, our Sussex boy had quite the artistic upbringing. Describing his childhood home as a farm (but not a farm), Matt lived here with his 2 older siblings and parents, who owned and ran an art gallery business nearby, sparking Matthew’s creative nature. The other key house members to mention were the family cats (of which they had 5, growing up) who gave Matthew a firm fondness for the species. In fact, for his 18th Birthday he was given a gorgeous Maine Coone named JP, a big softie and now partner in crime (and when I say big… I mean BIG!).

As a child Matt was very active, describing himself as an energetic youngster who loved running around and playing. Matt took an early liking to sports of all kinds, including (but not limited to!) rugby, tennis, skiing, snooker, darts and golf! In fact, at the age of 10 he won a national golf competition (much to his surprise!) but then traded in the clubs for the paintbrush, and followed his love for art and creativity. Matt found his talent for art boundless, loving all mediums such as painting, photography, sketching and even sculpting (although we don’t mention his child’s-foot sculpture for GCSE art… in which he didn’t add toes, to his teacher’s great confusion!).

Although his talent was unquestionable, Matt decided that his artistic skills were better put to use as a hobby, and so decided to follow his love for analysing the earth’s landscapes and study Geography at Bristol University. Matt adored his time here, having joined several societies such as photography, trampolining and snow sports, and fully throwing himself into university life. It became clear that matt’s love for the human and natural world was boundless, with his dissertation focusing on photographic representations of Thailand… and his social life focusing on climbing trees at stupid-o-clock at the morning to watch the passing cars (don’t ask!).  After graduating, Matt decided to see more of the world, and so flew all the way to New Zealand to rent a campervan and traverse the wild and wonderful countryside, followed by an Australasian Island and South-East Asian adventure.

After driving 5000km in a 96 Toyota caravan, being locked out of said caravan repeatedly, being stranded on a Fijian island during cyclone Winston and witnessing one of nature’s great wonders (the sardine run) in the Philippines, matt decided it was time to return home to reunite with the now monster-sized JP and find the career of his dreams. Matthew made the move to Stockwell, and here it was fate that drew him to Merkle | Periscopix. After considering product analyst roles he found programmatic (or programmatic found him!), which united his lifelong passion for creativity with the analytic skills learnt from his degree. Even though he misses the countryside and fresh air, Matt’s never looked back and has thrived in his role as a programmatic genius, continuing to surprise his clients with his creative solutions and analytical brilliance. While Matt’s aptitude for clay sculpture detail may be lacking, we can assure you his detailed campaigns are nothing short of purrrrrfecion!