“He who laughs, lasts.”

Mary Pettibone Poole

Matthew supposedly grew up in London – although when pushed on this he eventually revealed that it would be more accurate to say he grew up in a small area of North London known as Kingsbury, as he very rarely strayed further than the five minute walk between his house and school. Just because his world was small however doesn’t mean it wasn’t varied. One day he even opted to drive to school instead of walking, a move that he still counts among the most decadent of his life (aside from popping Bollinger with Biggie in the late 90s).

Indeed, with a lineage like Matthew’s, one would expect this sort of decadence on at least a bi-weekly basis. His family tree (which he insists is an actual tree) extends throughout Europe via some minor Persian royalty and then down to India.

Since discovering this varied and wonderful heritage, Matthew has been trying to expand the horizons of his own personal world, traveling extensively across Asia. Why not discuss your PPC campaigns with him over an authentic Indian Aloo Gobi (he insists that his is simply the best) and he can let you in on his personal ranking of Asian holiday destinations (spoiler alert: it goes Indonesia, Thailand & India).

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