“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”

Marcus Aurelius

Matt was born in Japan and spent the first few years of his life living in Tokyo. Unfortunately, Matt's parents decided to move him to Hertfordshire just before he could grasp the Japanese language so when you meet him, saying "Konnichiwa" won’t grab his attention.

It was from there that a passion for travelling was born which has lead Matt to win the title of 'The Most Well Travelled Periscopian' - he's been to every continent in the world and has even travelled to the moon! (Although he may be getting this confused with the active volcano he climbed in Nicaragua).

When Matt isn't eating Kendal Mint Cakes and putting on his hiking boots, he's thinking of solutions to the ongoing problem of eating out when you suffer from allergies; luckily he has lots of testers for his new app, as most of his family suffer from gluten, dairy or soy intolerances. We're not saying that if you hang around Matt for long enough you'll develop an allergy but if you do, at least he can show you where you can dine out!

During the development stages of his app, Matt decided to learn more about marketing so when his stint at university studying Economics ended, he packed up his bags and moved to the cosmopolitan land of London. Once in London, he attended Cass Business School and studied MSc Marketing Strategy and Innovation. It was here that he discovered PPC and Digital Marketing and hasn't looked back since.

Be confident that when Matt isn't travelling the world and scaling mountains he's utilising his number crunching & marketing powers to propel your campaigns to the moon (or Nicaragua, we’re still not sure).