“Whatever you do, do it well.”

Walt Disney

Maria grew up in Wetherby (near Leeds) where she had musical beginnings, becoming skilled at playing both the piano and flute. When not jamming to some Schubert she made an appearance on CITV classic Jungle Run where she was lucky enough to win both the bronze and silver monkeys, but just missed out on the gold. A crack team is still obsessively rifling through obscure depths of YouTube to locate this footage.

Once the monkeys were safely in the trophy cabinet, Maria went on to study Psychology at Sheffield University where her final year dissertation examined the effects of exercise on pain perception.

In her spare time Maria plays Korfball, (a mix between netball and basketball, obviously) and has travelled around Europe playing in multiple tournaments, delivering sweet longshots like there's no tomorrow. Maria is the person to speak to about Korfball, the perils of skiing and coping with the harsh realities of adult life having been a child star.