“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.”

Tupac Shakur

When Mandip’s not brushing shoulders with celebrity neighbours like Helen Mirren, Graham Norton and Rupert Grint, you’re probably going to find her taking a gong bath or indulging in a spot of vegan baking.

With a large extended family in India, Mandip makes yearly trips to reconnect, whether it be for family weddings, Sikh pilgrimages or simply to explore. One such adventure saw Mandip scaling mountains in the Himalayas at just 15 years old (a mountain half the height of Everest), spending the week walking, climbing and riding donkeys along the ascent. Also, a 3-time victim, Mandip implores you to hold on to your food and sunglasses whenever visiting the Taj Mahal. The monkeys there do not understand the concepts of personal space or property. RIP eyes.

Mandip studied marketing at Aston University in Birmingham, but it was the psychology modules that excited her most during her studies. Mandip understands what makes your customers tick, and your employees, thanks to a particularly enjoyable module in organisational behaviour.

These attributes position Mandip perfectly in our CRO team. Using tools such as Optimize, Optimizely and Decibel Insight to extract insights during both pre- and post-experiment analysis, Mandip drives value to our most experience-focused of clients. Not only this, but Mandip has been instrumental in developing documentation internally to collate all Merkle | Periscopix test data, enabling us to better benchmark and predict the outcomes of our testing activity.

But, wait, what’s a gong bath? Good question. It’s not a real bath. You remain warm, dry and fully clothed, but you soak in the sweet, healing reverberations of a room full of gongs. Apparently, it’s almost as good as yoga.