“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Charles M. Schulz

Mairead (pronounced: MUH-raid) - so called because her half-Irish mother wanted to give her a unique name – was born and raised in North London and still lives there now after moving out of home (although only about 10 minutes down the road). Often told they look very much alike, analytically-minded Mairead and her older sister – who works as a graphic designer – have very different personalities. That being said, the Hunters are a very musical family and Mairead had performed in four operas in the English National Opera House by the time she reached secondary school.

After completing her compulsory education at the same school as her mum and sister (hurrah for family tradition!) Mairead went on to Birmingham University to study Business and Italian. As part of her course, she spent a year working in Florence where she made the most of the wonderful pizza and quality wines. Living in mainland Europe did nothing to curb her shopping addiction and Mairead could often be found on shopping tours in France or Spain on the pretence of visiting friends… although she has given up shopping for lent this year!

University was a very social time for Mairead, who joined the “Cool Runnings” club (for sprinters who are less competitive and keener on the team spirit aspect of joining a club). She also joined the Language Society who held inter-language culture exchange meet-ups and food (of course) & movie nights. She had also stopped singing at 16 to focus on her studies but has since resumed this hobby after graduating.

Mairead tells of a memorable trip to Mexico where she swam with whale sharks. Finding herself face to face with such a giant yet beautiful creature is something she won’t forget quickly – not least because there was no cage! Moving back to London has brought its fair share of adventures… from 7am spin classes to learning to cook proper meals (not the beans and pasta ubiquitous to student living), and binging American sit-coms (she’s almost re-watched the whole of Friends on Netflix)!

This well-travelled foodie with an eye for value is bound to bring harmony to your Paid Search campaigns and a welcome energy to our Merkle | Periscopix family!