“I can't go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you’re in need of a restaurant recommendation, Maggie is someone you need to meet. As a foodie, she has explored a wide range of food spots around London and has lists of them that I’m sure she would be willing to share with you. Rumour has it an Insta account is also on the cards…

Food is a common theme in Maggie’s life, her cats are even named Earl Grey and Oreo. Her kind and gentle nature meant that Maggie had a soft spot for Earl Grey as he didn’t get as much love as Oreo. It’s a rare occasion to catch Maggie without a smile on her face, however, offer her some coriander and I’m sure you won’t be met with such a joyous expression!

Maggie grew up in Hong Kong and was intrigued by the shining lights of casinos as a young teen. When she finally visited a casino, Maggie realised that the inside was a different story and a life as a high roller wasn’t for her. Instead, Macau was her next destination and an undergraduate degree in global business management was soon under her belt. Maggie wasn’t done there; she wanted a bigger challenge and the opportunity to live in a new country on her own.

The next step was Warwick Uni. Maggie soaked up the British culture and could be found in her student union downing pints of ale and sinking shots of apple sours on Tuesday afternoons… Of course, this wasn’t really the case. Maggie, as committed to academic success as she is to dining excellence, knuckled down and left with a master’s degree in e-business management.

London is the most recent stop in Maggie’s journey. She’s currently looking for a studio apartment in Canary Wharf (paid for with casino winnings? My exact same thought). In her current place Maggie can be found cooking up fried rice and chicken – her speciality dish.

Exploring Europe and South Africa are on her bucket list but don’t worry, she’s promised me that her enjoyment of the Paid Search Associate role and famous Merkle Periscopix culture are enough to keep her here for a while!