“Faites que le rêve dévore votre vie afin que la vie ne dévore pas votre rêve.”

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Magali was born in Paris, France. After just 1 year, her family moved to Dublin, Ireland and then again to Los Angeles, California at age 5. It’s a tough ole life when your Dad is working for Disney! At age 9, the family finally settled in London, where they have lived since. It’s for this reason that her 2 younger sisters are a lot more anglicised – in fact, her youngest sister has very poor French…

Speaking of languages, when Magali started school in London, the other children made fun of her American accent (I know, kids are SO mean), so she changed it and now you’d never guess she wasn’t English. This was no mean feat considering, for a great many years, her stubbornness to learn English meant torment to those poor teachers trying to give her lessons!

No doubt the experience of so many great cities gave Magali an advantage when she went to study Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at Queens’ College, Cambridge. Life there is apparently like living in a bubble, with everything you might ever need close at hand. So much so that she actually managed to survive without a bike for the first three years – before having to bite the bullet when she moved out of college for final year. Having never cycled on roads before, we’re glad she managed to survive the year without getting run over.

During her time at Queens’, Magali was quite the socialite: she joined the charity committee where they organised Harry Potter themed formal dinners (she’s a huge fan - been to the studios twice, don’t you know) and also co-founded the French and International Film Society – who held regular movie nights and events for sharing in French culture.

As you might imagine for someone not used to living in one place for too long, Magali has itchy feet and has visited countries such as Greece, Italy, Portugal and Scotland – where she and her father attempted to climb Ben Nevis but didn’t manage it (next time for sure) and has her sights set on much more global exploration in the future. We’re very excited to have a well-travelled, culturally versatile asset to the team here in the Merkle | Periscopix Paid Search department and we’re sure you’ll be excited to have her managing your campaigns.