“I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.”

Sir David Attenborough

Merkle’s answer to Michaela Strachan, our very own Maddie hails from Colchester in Essex - supposedly the oldest town recorded in the UK. Here she grew up with her parents, sister, and an abundance of pets; including two “female” guinea pigs that miraculously turned into five when the family went away on holiday…

Maddie has always had an adventurous streak, but when she wasn’t saving jaguars from poachers in Costa Rica or being groped by elephants in Thailand, you would find her in the spotlight living out her passion for musical theatre (ask her about the time she played Edmund in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; she just loves talking about it).

Geography was always Maddie’s favourite subject at school, so naturally it was what she chose to study at Southampton University, where she was an active member of the Wildlife Conservation society. Soon realising that dressing up as a fox and jangling money buckets on the high street wasn’t going to change the world any time soon, Maddie jetted off to Costa Rica after graduating. Here she faced her wildest dilemma yet: remain in a canoe with a spider the size of a small house, or dive to “safety” into a river of crocodiles and snakes. Naturally, she chose the river.

Once firmly back on UK soil Maddie worked briefly in events management, but didn’t like the inability to track the success of her work. That was when she discovered us and fell in love with the idea of having concrete data to work with and to measure the success of her campaigns. Maddie may be terrified of spiders, but she certainly won’t be afraid to push your PPC campaigns to new heights. 

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