“Friendship is what endures. Shared ideals, respect for the whole character of a human being.”

E.L Doctorow

Lydia was born in Cambridge to two librarians, so she was naturally a “bookish” child and spent most of her childhood reading. When she wasn’t reading, she passed the time learning the violin, practicing piano, dancing and playing netball. Lydia was a very small child, a bit of a late grower, and as a result she was always on the end on her school photos and picked last for teams during PE. This all changed one fateful sports day when Lydia was participating in the sack race, due to her small size she was able to whizz across the finish line before anyone else was even near! The next day she was on the front of the school paper; Lydia never looked back.

Following her triumphant appearance in her school paper, Lydia developed a passion for journalism, wanting to help other small sack race winners to bask in their well-deserved limelight. She began writing for her school paper in high school and went on to start writing for her local newspaper. Her favorite article was on Mother’s Day when she went around town asking strangers what they liked about their mums… awwww!

Lydia went to Bristol University to study Classics; as a result she knows both Latin and Greek! Looks like all that reading paid off… She was very involved in her course and arranged a lot of events for her fellow Classics students. Lydia wrote her final year dissertation on Colour Psychology looking at how the perception of colour varies between ancient and modern-day cultures. As a redhead, her interest was sparked by the fact that ancient cultures saw red hair as a symbol of power and magic, no wonder she won that sack race! She feels that looking at the impact of these cultural perceptions based purely on visuals led her to consider a career in digital marketing and impacting consumer behaviour, which is great news for us as she’s now a part of the Merkle team!

Recently Lydia has really gotten into running - she now lives with her sister who is always egging her on - and she plans to do her first half marathon later this year. She still enjoys reading and regularly goes to the theatre and cinema to see new shows and films. At the moment, she is saving to do something on her bucket list: a trip to South America to climb Machu Picchu.