“Strongest minds are often those whom the noisy world hears least.”

William Wordsworth

A Blue Peter badge, an Insta-famous Schnauzerdor and a centurion grandfather. These and more intriguing stories to come in our tale – the Life and Times of Lucy.

Hailing from a town near Matlock, Derbyshire; proud Midlander Lucy is neither a southerner nor a northerner… although she’s been described as both – depending on who’s asking. Lucy and family have never moved house, which may explain how they are so miraculously long-lived: great grandad lived to beyond 100 years old and her grandma was born in the same year as the queen; their birthdays are six months (to the day) apart. Lucy, her sister and their mom live their quiet countryside life in the same house at the end of a bumpy, unmade road.

Primary school teachers didn’t understand Lucy’s reading passion, insisting she drop her chosen books (Harry Potter, obviously) for those available in the school. Thankfully, she was nurtured at home and went on to pursue her passion in studying English Literature at Exeter University – some 200 miles from home (the family of course missed each other terribly). The homesickness was a worthwhile price to pay, as her dissertation (discussing Angela Carter’s self-adapted radio plays and the feminist ideals conveyed therein) was nominated for an award above 350 of her peers.

When she wasn’t busy tearing down the patriarchy, Lucy undertook a position as Deputy Online Editor for one of the university magazines. The extra work was made most enjoyable with the free meals and exclusive viewings afforded by writing reviews for the art and lifestyle section. Lucy and her committee took the ‘zine from being edgy and inaccessible to a more mainstream, widely appreciated publication. This editing experience has since benefited Poppy – Lucy’s Schnauserdor – who has her own Instagram account with more followers than Lucy’s! The family labradoodle, Bruno, struggles with his jealousy issues daily… Since moving to London to join Merkle | Periscopix in our Paid Search team, Lucy has had fun running around in the plentiful green space – so much so that she has completed a 10km race and is now training for a ½ marathon. Oh, and about that Blue Peter badge – it was won for a limerick written about Matt Baker and the Blue Peter cat!