“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Charlie Chaplin

Hailing from the Midwestern state of Iowa - often called the “American Heartland" - Liz cut her teeth in the fickle and highly competitive world of leisure marketing, where she managed the online activity for a chain of premium US gyms, Lifetime Fitness. Liz is one of the old timers here at Periscopix; she runs our display team which means she's a capable mix of calculus and creativity. She brings her high energy to everything that she does, from gym sessions to company nights out and critically to the dynamic RTB market.

Do read her blog articles online as they are always cracking; but don't get in the rowing machine next to her in the gym! Also she asked that we point out how SUPER COOL she is; since it is true, we couldn't say no.

Liz really needs...

a manicure