“Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.”

Maya Angelou

Liam "Danger Man" Gordon may not want you to know that he can bench press 120 kilos for 8 reps (whatever that means) or that he is the undisputed champion of the Periscopix Arm Wrestling Challenge.

He is much more eager, if you were to ever run in to him at a leafy Harrow café, to talk about his collection of Pokémon cards, which include, to his supreme pride, 3 shiny Charizards (one in mint condition) and an ancient mew. He will tell you, over a cold green tea (his tipple of choice), that they are worth a damn sight more than his Blue Peter badge, which he could barely even get a tenner for.

Part nerd, part superhuman football machine, Liam is a strong personality in the Periscopix team. He will simultaneously bring the raw animal power of a mid-90s Robbie Fowler and the fastidious attention to detail of a seasoned dungeon master to your PPC campaigns.