““To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.””

Leonard Bernstein

Lewis was born and raised in the West Midlands, in a town called Stone. Lewis claims its name comes from a big stone laid down to commemorate the death of an ancient king. Wikipedia, however, more bluntly states ‘the place-name's meaning is exactly what is stated, a "stone, rock", from the Old English stān (stone)’. Take that Lewis!

Lewis’ love of computers began at a very young age, when he used to help his father set up computers for his company. Fulfilling the computer geek stereotype, he was also a keen gamer, lifelong “only original” Pokemon fan, and Math genius.

Eschewing the carefully nurtured super-geek stereotype (sorry, I mean “scientific hipster”), Lewis chose to study Drama & Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths. Only joking, of course he studied Theoretical Physics, “before it was cool”, at the University of York. Upon graduating, Lewis worked for a company writing code for colleges, where he learned how to programme. Lewis enjoyed the programming side of things so much that he decided to pursue it as a career, and this is how he ended up at Periscopix Towers as an integral part of our development team.

Lewis is the person to see about: American football, Pokemon and Star Wars.