“To let your life be controlled by public opinion would be like asking to sit in traffic for the rest of your life.”

Kanye West

Before PPC, there was a hole in Leo’s life. Heck, before Leo, there was a hole in PPC’s! The road to this glorious marriage was an arduous one, peppered with failures and sprinkled with shortcomings. Leo tried everything, but couldn’t find his place. He wanted The One, but was never more than ‘whelmed’ by any pursuit. He was, by his own admission, ‘a bit of a loser’. But not for want of trying.

To put it in 12A terms, Leo got around. He tried every available sport, but couldn’t swing a club or foot a ball to save his life. He flirted with every conceivable instrument, but never made the sweet, sweet sound of wedding bells. He got in a bed with Buddhism, but awoke the morning after with craving still at the root of his sorrow, and an itch that wouldn’t go away. 

This lack of satisfaction had been ingrained in him since childhood. Leo tried and failed to grow up in Guildford without succumbing to its only interesting attraction, a large local, where the snakebites are dripping with regret (£2.49 though). He opted for a life of long hair and metal gigs but the shampoo costs were unsustainable. He tried building computers, before realising you can just buy them ready-made these days... Life was not coming up Leo.

Then he met PPC.

In all its data-driven beauty, Leo found his first and only true love. He found a profound ‘satisfaction about qualifying stuff’, and a way to exploit his knack for numbers and unlock the ‘deep work’ mode of concentration he’d so desperately craved. He’d found his missing piece. And on behalf of the PPC industry, the feeling is mutual.