“And besides one gets so tired of everlastingly sitting in the same place.”

Moominmamma, from Finn Family Moomintroll

Laura grew up in Thetford, which is famous for being the town where Dad’s Army was filmed. Having said that, she’s never watched it as it’s a bit “before her time”. At school, Laura’s dad was Head of P.E., which meant she took part in any and every sport going: netball, hockey, rugby, rounders… the list goes on and on.

Being a naturally adventurous type, Laura spent her gap year (which she insists was not a ‘gap yah’) travelling around the world. Some of the highlights included travelling around Africa in a converted refrigerator lorry, camping in the wild, climbing the highest mountain in Ethiopia, getting hit by the largest silverback gorilla in Rwanda and tobogganing down the Great Wall of China. Not exactly your average gap year.

Laura went on to study History of Art and French at Bristol University, spending a year abroad in Tours and Bordeaux where she taught English when she wasn’t sampling the local goats cheese and Sancerre. After graduating with a First Class degree, Laura got her first taste of PPC while working at Christie’s, and decided that her future lay in the world of pay per click advertising.

Laura is the person to see about: what to do after a silverback gorilla hits you (stay still and grunt in case you were wondering), the Moomins and the Norfolk coastline.