“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Anaïs Nin

Our Hertfordshire girl, Laura lived a suburban upbringing in the lovely town of Harpenden, with her parents, older brother and an unfortunate few pet case studies (including an aggressive guinea pig and runaway hamster). School was a great place for Laura, especially in art lessons where she could hone her sketching and painting skills and create masterpieces for her Mum.

After studying a diverse mix of Art, Psychology and Geography at A-Level, Laura decided that her passion for analysing the psyche meant that she should go on to study Psychology at Nottingham University. Alongside Laura’s aptitude for diagnostics, she also thrived at the social side of university life, having joined the Uni RAG society and spent every weekend dressed up as anything from bunny rabbits to superheroes and raising money for a good cause (with some hilarious shenanigans thrown in too)! Laura also volunteered for Nightline to confidentially help those in need, even if the need was what taxi to call at stupid-o-clock, and loved every minute of her time in Robin Hood country.

After University, Laura wanted her travel dreams to be realised, so she packed her things and jetted off to Kelowna, Canada. Here, she worked as a hostess/waitress/first mate for boat events and parties. The most memorable of which was a Hells Angels party (the tips were insane, but so were the guests!). It was in Canada in a hostel where she met her partner in crime, and decided to continue her travels south, to the wet and wild rainforests of Central and South America. Laura will tell you all about conquering her fear of spiders by approaching a ginormous tarantula, and falling in love with beautiful Costa Rica (just don’t ask about Mexico City and the clown incident, we don’t think she’s ever recovered!).

Post-travelling, Laura spent some time in New Zealand, working as a treasurer for a local health organisation, but soon realised that finance and mountain countryside weren’t for her. After returning to the wet and less wild streets of Britain she remembered her passion for analytics and human nature which led her to pursue a career in marketing. Luckily for us, while she was getting to know London and admiring her favourite historic bridge she found Merkle | Periscopix, and our programmatic display campaigns have flourished since. Laura may be a little sketchy with clowns, but her approach to your campaigns will be no laughing matter!