“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cornwall. Home to corn, walls, and 75,000 cows. A statistical outlier in the county, Kit isn’t cows, he’s people, like us. This is useful, because cows are usually the weakest part of any CRO Team. Unlike Kit, who’s actually quite brilliant at it. Kit wins again, cows.

Like some people, Kit moved to Canada when he was 8 years old. We assumed his exotic accent would make him the coolest kid in school, but he loved learning so much he quickly dashed any hopes of that happening. After exhausting Canada’s supply of gold stars, he travelled back to the UK and eventually attended Royal Holloway University. He got a postgraduate degree in Web Development, but only after getting a BA in Film History. Look at how diverse that skill set is. Much more diverse than your skillset, cows.

You have a Checkout button on your Ecommerce site, but no one’s clicking it. If only there was a better way to guide people down your funnel! Kit’s already running one of his experiments to get to the bottom of it. He’ll test your site against one of his freshly coded solutions, and come to you with a new and improved site layout that skyrockets your conversion rate. You don’t become one of the best at Optimize, Optimizely, and V.W.O without learning a trick or two. He’s also fluent in GA and Google Tag Manager. Now who’s the coolest kid in school?

A skilled craftsman, Kit uses his spare time to craft skillfully, and particularly enjoys woodworking. Picture a coffee table. Done it? Well so did Kit, before he made a coffee table. With his hands. We didn’t even know that was allowed. When not blowing our minds, Kit likes to be a real film buff. His favourite being The Fly, a Jeff Goldblum movie about a weird bug-eyed creature that slowly turns into a Fly. They have some strange movie tastes down in Cornwall. Must be something in the milk.