“Fear doesn't prevent death. It prevents life. ”

Naguib Mahfouz

Khaled grew up with his “unusual” family of his dad, an engineer, his mum, a nurse, and his three siblings between the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. He was even living in Egypt during the time of the revolution and remembers it as being a very exciting time. Wherever he was, he spent most of his childhood video gaming, playing football with friends and reading Arabic novels. This interest in reading paired with a keen eye for anime lead to Khaled teaching himself the English language through translating graphic novels.

After a bit of growing up, Khaled went on to study Chemical Engineering in Cairo and then on to his post-graduate degree in Swansea. He’s extremely proud of his studies and really enjoyed being part of the Social Society in Cairo where he assisted in planning events to bring people together. He feels however that his real accomplishment was moving to the UK on his own and managing not only to survive but to thrive and even more so now he’s taken on London in order to join us here at Merkle!

Khaled’s “unusual” family is now dotted all over the world with siblings in Canada, Russia, UAE and Egypt and family reunions are much harder to come by. However, in 2017 Khaled got married in Egypt and it was a chance for everyone to come and celebrate together. The only hiccup was that Khaled had forgotten just how many relatives and friends he had, and over 30 extra guests turned up on the big day! Thankfully, the hotel staff were extremely understanding and everything managed to run smoothly...

Nowadays, Khaled is living the calmer life in Chiswick with this new wife and though he’s older he still embraces his old passions of gaming, anime and football; though it seems, despite all those years of practice, he’s not managed to improve his footy skills very much. Along the way he has also managed to pick up a number of special skills, including the ability to run a coin through his fingers Captain Jack Sparrow style and - more importantly - amazing Programmatic skills due to his passion for delving into data, analysis and using his findings to increase efficiency!